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About the Photographer

Argaive is a somewhat funny, meticulous, engaging yet shy (or so it's been said) concept-driven art photographer with a particular sense of humour and a predilection for long complex sentences who specializes in boudoir, nude, erotic and fetish photography.

Barely a teenager, he mastered his dad's all manual 35mm SLR, learned darkroom techniques in high-school and has been doing photography ever since, exploring a wide range of styles and subjects before turning to nude photography eight or nine years ago, in all likelihood something neither his dad nor junior-high teacher foresaw thirty or so years ago.

He tends to be a minimalist in his photography, preferring the use of simple backgrounds or settings and a minimum of props in order to put more emphasis on the subject, and enjoys using lighting creatively. He also tends to avoid shooting in rapid sequence, preferring instead to consider each image captured.

His work displays a wide range of styles demonstrating versatility and an interest in trying and learning new things, or maybe the fact that he just can't make up his mind. What is constant, however, is his fervent desire to produce high-quality, striking images.


Some full names were witheld or psudonyms were used by request. All photos published with permission.

“ I am honoured and pleased to have such a professional and personable technologically inclined photographer in my life. I love working with Argaive as he is an open minded gentleman with my creative choreography. He is great at explaining how things work and how they can morph into other ideas. His relaxed demeanor and professionalism are seamless with his passion for the art. This always makes me look forward to working with him. He is my first choice in photographers. ”
Viktoria Kalenteris, Toronto -

“ I love my pictures. Argaive is very professional and the quality of his work is excellent. He made me feel very comfortable with myself, even when I was naked! ”
Samantha - more photos

“ I had such a fun time and couldn't stop talking about it with my boyfriend that evening! You should have seen his face when I said I did a 'money-shot'! It was great. (...) Once again, thanks for the wonderful time. I enjoyed posing for you greatly. ”
Anelle, Montreal - more photos

“ I enjoyed his affable nature and patience, especially when trying to get the sand out of my hair! We were lucky that the weather was finally nice to do the shoot. We had many good laughs waiting for the right wave! ”
Aurora Rose, Montreal

“ After working with Argaive on several occasions now, I can honestly say he is a pleasure to collaborate with. His skill at photography, lighting and editing speaks for itself through his excellent portfolio.

However, what I have personally enjoyed about our collaborations is the fact that he provides the perfect mix of professionalism and friendliness. (...) He ensures that models always feel comfortable and was one of the few photographers of all that I have come across who offered to meet me before shooting, so I felt even more at ease during our first photo shoot together.

He's a great guy and I would recommend him to anyone. ”
Chesney - more photos

“ Argaive is a wonderful photographer who has the rare skill of playing with light on subjects in the 'old masters' style of photography. He has an authentic artistic yet stylish approach in the area of erotic and fetish photography.

He is very professional and makes you feel at ease and comfortable in preparing for photo shoots. Furthermore, his distinctive style of photography has brought new spectators for my shows. That is pretty amazing. ”
Velma Candyass - Candyass Club

“ "WOW... Super nice work, I really like !!!! The photos are sublime, super happy to be on your site !!!!!" ”
Sandra - more photos

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