Artist's Statement

I've been asked more than once if my goal is to provoke or even shock people. Not at all. I think in images, and if I believe a given idea will create really cool images, then I go with it. My images leave no one indifferent though.

I don't limit myself to one particular style or genre. I enjoy experimenting with new ideas and techniques and try to avoid repeating myself. I'm happy to oblige when a private client wants a look I've done before, but I see no point in adding just more of the same to my portfolio. In fact, I initially turned to boudoir, nude, erotic and fetish photography a few years ago in order to develop something new and different (to me, that is).

That being said, I don't treat that as a limiting factor either. If I feel I can add something new to a previous concept, then I won't hesitate to do so.

I want to produce simple and striking images, and from time to time I like to include subtle details that will cause the viewer to take a second, closer look. For the most part I work with punchy colours and strong contrasts, and I particularly enjoy working with creative lighting.

Some of my images seem to be a snapshot from a larger story. This is sometimes intentional, sometimes not. In any case, when a viewer sees more in one of my images than I myself intended, then I feel I've accomplished what I set out to do.

Nude photo Nude photo Fetish latex photo Erotic photo Fetish photo