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Photos: Velma's Candy Ass

2012-03-29 01:44:37

Velma Candyass mentioned she needed new pics for business cards and promos and such.

And maybe sometimes I'm way too literal minded. Here's another .

Photos: Ms. Fitt and Anonymous at Club Sin

2012-01-08 15:37:11

Ms. Fitt was in town this weekend and helped out with the show at Club Sin this past Friday. She joined Anonymous in a contemporary and fetishy choreography. - read more -

Photos: Candyass Cabaret

2011-11-20 12:07:41

Friday's Candyass Cabaret was fun to watch and photograph as were the previous two editions. Since I don't yet have a web page for this sort of stuff, here are a few from the last three shows. - read more -

Photos: Back stage

2011-03-26 09:44:55

Velma Candyass - Backstage just before the Cabaret Cleopatra Victory Celebration show.

Velma and I have been friends since early this year. I ran into her a week before the show and asked her if I could do some backstage shots on the day of. One guess as to what she replied.

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