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Notes: More Show Pics

2013-01-25 13:43:17

You can see more of my Candyass Cabaret pics on the Dead Doll Dancers' Facebook page.

December: Crack of Doom Cabaret Facebook page
January: Pop Goes the Disco Facebook page

Notes: July's location shoot

2012-08-07 16:28:44

July's location shoot went as well as expected and what's more, this time I had time to do a new series for myself. See a sneak preview at left.

The next location shoot will be on Wednesday August 22. See to find out more.

Notes: Soirée Speakeasy Burlesque Monday

2012-07-27 13:28:32

Soirée Speakeasy Burlesque is back at l'Abreuvoir this coming Monday evening, July 30. I'll be there taking pictures of course. Find out more on their Facebook event page .

Left: Lavender May at April's Soirée Speakeasy.

Notes: This week's location shoot

2012-05-31 13:00:58

This week's location shoot went very well indeed; that the results met my clients' expectations was mostly to their credit (Sorry, I can't show you photos this time.).

The next location shoot will be on Tuesday June 26. See to find out more.

Notes: Soirée Speakeasy Burlesque

2012-04-12 10:31:29

A last minute change to my schedule on Monday allowed me to go to April's Soirée Speakeasy Burlesque, produced by fellow photographer Marisa Parisella. You'll find more photos on Velma Candyass' Facebook page .

Left: Scarlett Diamond

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