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Notes: Candyass Club 2015

2015-01-14 11:14:47

This Friday I'll be at Candyass Club's first show in 2015 taking a look back at the Nineties and taking pictures of course. See you there!

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Notes: Tonight - Candyass Back 2 School

2014-09-18 23:08:57

Tonight I'm gonna be at Café Cléopâtre to celebrate the new school year with the Candyass Club cabaret. I'll also be set up to take class photos for a mere 5$. See you there! - read more -

Notes: Tonight - Café Cléopâtre

2014-08-29 14:02:37

Tonight I'll be at Café Cléopâtre to enjoy (and take photos of) Kabaret Kink Candyass, part of this year's Montreal Fetish Weekend .

Notes: This Weekend

2014-08-15 17:11:23

This Weekend I'll be at two events. Saturday night I'm at l'Orage for an evening of visual arts as well as the usual sensuality, and Sunday I'll be at the Vernissage of the Montreal Erotic Art Festival's main exhibit. - read more -

Notes: Tonight - Freak & Fabulous

2014-08-09 04:06:20

Tonight I'll be at the **Freak & Fabulous** show taking place at the **Belmont** (4483 St-Laurent boulevard, Montréal) at 10:00pm.

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