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Notes: Wednesday - Candyass @ Just for Laughs

2014-07-22 12:20:38

If you haven't seen Candyass Cabaret at the Just for Laughs festival this weekend, you'll have another opportunity Wednesday night. AS for myself, I intend to be there. To take pictures of course.

Notes: Are you ready for Candyass Club?

2014-01-16 13:40:20

Velma and her crew have worked hard in order to be ready for their first cabaret of 2014 happening at Café Cléopâtre tomorrow Friday 17 January.

Be there and be ready to cheer and applaud!

See photos from last month's show

Notes: Friday - Candyass Cabaret

2013-04-18 14:56:39

Friday (tomorrow as I'm writing this) is Candyass Cabaret night where you can watch me take photos of the show. While you're there you may as well watch the show too. Here's what it looked like last month .

More info:

Notes: Beware the Ides of Candyass

2013-03-13 12:24:32

The significance of the date for the next Candyass Cabaret was clearly not lost on Velma. I haven't decided which toga I'l be wearing to the party, but I will be there taking pictures of the show. By the way, this is what last month's show looked like .

To find out more:

Notes: Tonight: Soirée Speakeasy Burlesque

2013-03-04 13:52:10

Tonight I'm taking photos at Speakeasy Burlesque's En quête du Aloha Spirit show. To give you a taste, here are some pics from the previous show .

To find out more:
Speakeasy Burlesque Facebook page - l'Abreuvoir

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