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Journal: Sometimes life's a beach...

2011-09-20 12:03:32

...'cause there isn't really any way to translate that title properly into french.

Nevertheless, Velma and I returned to the beach yesterday to continue working on (or playing with, as the case may be) our beach concept. - read more -

Journal: Finally!

2011-08-14 15:32:54

It's been a very busy year so far either working on client photography or web development for myself and others, so much so that I've had little time to work on my own photo projects. So I'm glad to say that I finally have a project going with my friend Velma Candyass . Stay tuned!

Journal: Eat something!

2011-06-10 13:56:44

Yesterday's client showed up at three in the afternoon and mentioned she hadn't eaten anything all day for fear of making her tummy bulge. She seemed to be on the edge of cranky.

I want to be clear: before you show up for a photo shoot, eat something! - read more -

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