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Notes: Masquerade and auction

2015-10-27 21:13:47

I'm happy to be providing art for NFL & CFL pro-footballer Ky Hebert of the Montreal Alouettes and the Ky Cares Foundation who are putting on the Alouettes Touched Masquerade Party at Galerie 203, a fund raising event for Leucan Montréal-Laval , the association for children with cancer. - read more -

Journal: So... hiatus

2015-09-20 18:05:54

Well, there it is. Due to circumstances mostly beyond my control, I will be inactive for at least a few weeks.

I hope to be back before too long.

Status: Argaive...

2015-07-27 13:32:31
... a passé une fin de semaine pour la plupart orienté famille et amis. Pas idéal pour la productivité mais excellent pour l'esprit.

Status: Argaive...

2015-07-19 23:24:01
... finished thing 3, and it turns out that things 3.1, 4 and 4.1 can be done after clean up. So time to prepare the studio for tomorrow.

Status: Argaive...

2015-07-19 21:15:38
... dit" «choses 3 et 4 sont optionnelles, mais ça serait cool de terminer et me ramasser qu'une fois."
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