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June 2014

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Status: Argaive...

2014-06-21 14:21:43
... had a great time at the 30th Candyass Cabaret Friday night. Photos to follow soon.

Notes: The next thing - Candyass Club Cabaret

2014-06-17 22:32:06

So the next thing on my summertime schedule is the Candyass Club Cabaret this Friday, just in time to usher in summer. The theme is the beach party - be sure to dress accordingly. As for me, I'll be working taqking pictures of the show as usual, so basic black it is.

Journal: One done, more to come.

2014-06-15 21:58:44

I ended up spending more time at FIMA than I'd planned with the result that I'm even more behind on stuff than I was. Things not going according to plan - go figure! - read more -

Status: Argaive...

2014-06-15 12:00:02
... is back at FIMA at the Montréal Erotic Art Festival's tent. We'll be open until 6:00pm. Come say hi!

Status: Argaive...

2014-06-14 21:33:07
... enjoyed a nice day chattng with visitors and fellow artists at FIMA today. More of the same tomorrow from noon to six.
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