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April 2014

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Status: Argaive...

2014-04-30 23:56:13
... had an interesting day going from coding to tayloring to photography and back to coding. Kewel.

Status: Argaive...

2014-04-28 00:03:27
... finished the first phase of his latest project and while he was at it added some new doohickeys to his thingie.

Photos: Le Nat King Pole show

2014-04-22 12:19:57

This month's Candyass Cabaret featuring Nat King Pole was a lot of fun to watch and, judging from the audience's response, a great success. - read more -

Notes: Tonight - 18 April - Candyass Club

2014-04-18 12:43:29

It's that time of the month again - no, not that one, Candyass Cabaret time, this month featuring Nat King Pole. I'll be there taking photos of the show of course. See you there! Find out more at .

Journal: Sexapalooza Sherbrooke 2014

2014-04-17 12:50:55

The Quebec Arts Council concluded its second tour with Sexapalooza in Sherbrooke where we set up one of our nicest galleries yet. Public response was good and we even sold a couple of large pieces. - read more -
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