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January 2013

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Travels: Columbus, Ohio

2013-01-27 17:54:18

After having stayed put for way too long for my taste, I've finally got an opportunity for a road trip. - read more -

Notes: More Show Pics

2013-01-25 13:43:17

You can see more of my Candyass Cabaret pics on the Dead Doll Dancers' Facebook page.

December: Crack of Doom Cabaret Facebook page
January: Pop Goes the Disco Facebook page

Photos: Disco Candyass

2013-01-20 01:35:53

Friday's Candyass Cabaret litterally left me wordless (as did the fashion of the disco era) but still,I have photos .

Notes: Friday - Candyass Club Cabaret

2013-01-16 11:27:12

Since the end of the world finally wasn't, this Friday I'll be taking photos of Candyass Club's first cabaret in 2013, «Pop Goes the Disco». In the meantime, here are photos from last month .

Find out more:
Candyass Club - Café Cléopâtre

Photos: January's Blood Ballet Cabaret

2013-01-07 18:39:46

My first show in 2013 was the premiere of Blood Ballet Cabaret's 2013 East-Coast tour which will visit Ottawa, Kingston, Toronto and New York City. Here's a taste of what they're in for: photos .

To find out more: Blood Ballet Cabaret

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