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December 2012

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Photos: Candyass Crack of Doom Cabaret

2012-12-26 11:29:42

It finally wasn't the cabaret to end all cabarets 'cause, y'know, no apocalypse (imagine that). - read more -

Notes: Friday - Candyass Crack of Doom

2012-12-19 11:36:20

If the end comes Friday December 21 it will find me taking photos of Candyass Club's Crack of Doom Cabaret. To see what that might look like, here are photos from last month .

Find out more:
Candyass Club - Café Cléopâtre

Photos: Speakeasy Burlesque Marie Antoinette

2012-12-11 17:13:05

I had a pleasant evening at Speakeasy Burlesque, an evening with period costumes, champagne, cupcakes, not to mention the show .

Notes: Sunday - GalerieFringe

2012-12-08 17:13:00

A last minute opportunity gets me a spot in Sunday's GalerieFringe art exhibit, happenning at the Mainline Theatre on St-Laurent near Rachel.

The exhibit is open noon to 9:00pm and I'll be there for the the vernissage which starts at 5:30pm.
More info: GalerieFringe

Notes: Monday: Soirée Speakeasy Burlesque

2012-12-08 12:35:41

This Monday I'm taking photos at Speakeasy Burlesque's Marie-Antoinette! show. To give you a taste, here are some pics from the previous show .

To find out more:
Speakeasy Burlesque Facebook page - l'Abreuvoir

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