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September 2012

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Notes: October shows and events

2012-09-30 13:32:07

I've been enjoying taking photos at shows regularly over the last year and a half or so and it looks like I'll be well served this October. - read more -

Photos: September Candyass Cabaret

2012-09-22 21:51:51

And they're off! Candyass Club Cabaret's season opener exceeded expectations what with a goodly number of regulars from last year as well as a few promising new faces. - read more -

Notes: This Friday: Candyass Club cabaret

2012-09-19 12:29:10

It's the start of a new season for the Candyass Club cabaret and I'll be at Café Cléopâtre Friday to take photos of the first show. Admission is $10.00. See you there! Photos from the June show

Find out more:
Candyass Club - Café Cléopâtre

Photos: Geeks and Super Freaks

2012-09-17 14:20:58

I had a great time at Cirque de Boudoir's Geeks and Super Freaks event Saturday night which lived up to its theme what with all the great costumes. - read more -

Notes: Saturday: Geeks and Super Freaks

2012-09-13 17:39:38

This Saturday I'm heading over to Ten71 (1071 Beaver Hall wouldn't you know) to take photos of Cirque du Boudoir's Geeks and Super Freaks event taking place right after Comicon.

For more info: Cirque de Boudoir - Ten71

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