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April 2012

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Photos: Busy show weekend

2012-04-29 00:14:13

Last weekend was indeed a busy weekend with two shows to photograph on consecutive nights. - read more -

Notes: Busy show weekend coming up

2012-04-19 15:18:33

I'll be taking pictures of at least two shows this weekend.

Friday April 20: Candyass Club Cabaret -
Saturday April 21: Freak & Fabulous Facebook page -

Join me and come encourage our local artists.

Notes: Soirée Speakeasy Burlesque

2012-04-12 10:31:29

A last minute change to my schedule on Monday allowed me to go to April's Soirée Speakeasy Burlesque, produced by fellow photographer Marisa Parisella. You'll find more photos on Velma Candyass' Facebook page .

Left: Scarlett Diamond

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