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September 2011

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Friends: Domina Jade

2011-09-28 13:05:33

I've worked with Domina Jade previously and we continue to run into each other regularly in and out of the fetish scene, the latter case always being fun. Visit her web site at .

Journal: Sometimes life's a beach...

2011-09-20 12:03:32

...'cause there isn't really any way to translate that title properly into french.

Nevertheless, Velma and I returned to the beach yesterday to continue working on (or playing with, as the case may be) our beach concept. - read more -

Notes: Candyass Cabaret September 16

2011-09-14 21:39:16

I've been invited to take pictures at Candyass Cabaret taking place at Cabaret Cléopâtre this Friday starting at 9:00pm. So that's where I'll be. - read more -

Friends: Dr. Laurie

2011-09-14 17:25:38

I've been on Dr. Laurie's show Passion twice now, once a couple of years ago talking about photography and again a couple of weeks ago with some friends talking about anything but. - read more -

Friends: The BDSM Circle

2011-09-06 02:47:10

I met Maître Pierre and Mistress Catharine at some of the first fetish events I attended. Thay are passionate about BDSM and share this passion through their web site .
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