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Notes: To all my clients

2011-12-23 20:31:59

All routine updates received have been done.

I will likely be a little more difficult to reach than usual over the next couple of days, that is 24 and 25 December, and again 31 December and January 1st.

Be safe, have fun, and Happy Holidays!

Journal: T'is already the season

2011-12-21 12:43:31

Seems to me that just last week was early November. Still, I'm looking forward to some family time and the usual holiday stuff.

Have a happy, safe and sexy holiday season!

Photos: Ms. Fitt - Happy Holidays!

2011-12-21 01:00:17

Ms. Fitt - Photographed in my studio.

Ms. Fitt is a friend from out of town with whom I've been working on a long-term project over the last two or three years. You've likely seen her adorning fetish event flyers here and there. - read more -

Links: iFocus

2011-12-05 15:29:47

IFocus is a french language photographer and photography directory which also provides several other services. You'll find it at

Links: The Photography Directory

2011-11-23 15:19:48

The Photography Directory is a comprehensive directory of photographers and photography related sites covering all aspects of the photography industry. - read more -
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