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Photos: Zoe - Happy Holidays!

2008-12-21 02:44:00

Zoe - Photographed in my studio.

Elise is a young lady who started out as a client interested in BDSM themes and wound up a model. - read more -

Photos: Jennifer - maternity photos

2008-07-26 16:43:30

Jennifer - Photographed in my studio.

Jennifer is a client who's come to see me several times, and it's always a pleasure to work with her. When she became pregnant, she didn't hesitate to come see me for some maternity photos, and she was kind enough to allow me to add these photos to my gallery.

Photos: Kitty

2008-06-09 18:47:05

Kitty - Photographed on location at Lady Victoria's former Montreal location. - read more -
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